Our paramount objective is maximizing return on investment and our process begins with identifying big opportunities driven by teams with the proven ability to execute.

We partner with the best independent mutual funds and asset management companies in the world.


Our core principles are integrity, morality, consistency, high sense of responsibility and confidentiality required in our relationship with our clients.

We offer investment capabilities and investment styles across all major traditional and alternative asset classes.

Our philosophy:

Play both defense and offense

We search for investments with acceptable downside risk and underappreciated growth potential. This asymmetric risk/reward profile is central to every aspect of our approach to investment management.

Focus on absolute returns

We are more concerned with meeting our clients’ goals than with tracking a benchmark. Our clients don’t like to lose money and neither do we.

Measure performance over full market cycles
We employ an investment discipline focused on achieving solid returns over the long haul. An over-concern with the short term can dilute focus, increase costs and detract from performance. Our fundamental goal is to create long-term financial security for our clients.



Expertise  |  Intuition  |  Ingenuity


Mutual Funds
Wealth Management
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Corporate & Occupational Pension Schemes
Insurance Companies


Mutual Funds
Wealth Management
Group Pension & Saving Programs



Performance  |  Reliability  |  Flexibility  |  Confidence



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  2. UCITS offer no guaranteed return and past performance does not guarantee the future one.


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